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Our people is the very heart of our community. We invite everyone to get involved and connect.

Fourerr values what you have to say and we are constantly looking for ways to improve by fostering great conversations. As such, we've put together this simple guide on how to make the most of your experience in our community.


  1. Post only in English for everyone to have the chance to respond to your post. 
  2. Be respectful and civil to others. 
  3. Participate intelligently through meaningful discussions. Share constructive ideas that add value. 
  4. Aim for brevity and clarity in your posts. Anything longer than 400 words? You can write for us on our blog instead. 
  5. Share links only when they are RELEVANT to the conversation. 
  6. Give credit where it's due. 
  7. Report any issues whenever you can so we can make the forums a better place for all. 


  1. We have a very low tolerance for any abusive, racist, hateful, bullying, violent, vulgar, profane or obscene language and behavior. Don’t engage in it.   
  2. Do not flood, spam, post chain letters, post blatant self-promotion, post excessive commercial solicitation, campaign, or lobby.    
  3. Absolutely NO solicitation for any illegal activity – pornography, drugs, prostitution, money laundering, human trafficking, piracy (just to cite a few) 
  4. Don't feed the trolls. Report them instead. 
  5. Don't post any personal information as the forum is a public place where everyone can see what you share.
  6. Don't post content that infringes on anyone's rights. 
  7. Don't engage in smear tactics. Any misrepresentation you post will be erased. 

Be Warned: The forum moderators reserve the right not to publish posts that are offensive, illegal or otherwise unsuitable. You may receive warnings if you violate the rules. Depending on the damage involved, your account may be suspended.  

As always, you are responsible for what you post so think twice before you do. If you wish to promote a non-profit cause related to our niche, you may send in details to:

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