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How Can We Improve?

Hi All!  You've probably noticed a few changes we've been running on the site.  You may have seen it happening on our TwitterFacebook and Google Plus profiles - even our Blog.

True to our mantra:  At Fourerr, Your Opinion Matters!

We would like to know your thoughts on how we can improve.  Do help us serve you better by sharing your feedback, or simply say hello.  Thanks!

Hello to all.

Perhaps to have more control or a kind of filter of message which are  strange nature or as well as an inadmissible


We do have a number of systems in place which triggers when a user uses inappropriate language. In your case we will need to update this slightly. 

Enjoy your day


really good work on manually approving gigs to clear  unacceptable or illegal gigs.

It's very good that it will no more double or more the same Gigs,because some of them have a bit of sea.

good work again to all team

Thanks Pawijan

Perhaps limit the amount of gigs one can post at one time.  while it is good that you are approving gigs, it is getting so that by the time your gigs are posted you are buried on page 5 or so because 4 or 5 people are putting up 20 gigs pretty much all the same (for example "I will give you X number of Facebook followers" Which is fine, but when they separate out every city, it make it boring now to look at the gigs, as they are all they same.  I find myself not bothering to look at the gigs any longer because you go through 5 or so pages to get to anything different.

I agree with sweetkicker.


Fantastic suggestion. We are planning to make some updates this week on the site and I will verify if we can "squeeze" this feature in. 

What would be a good maximum per day? 5? 

Anything else?


Hi Thomas, Maybe have a different figure based on seller rating.  This would give an incentive to improve as a seller.  For example if you have 0 stars maybe 3 gigs, 2 stars - 4  gigs 3 stars - 5 gigs   (etc, well you get the idea, maybe play with the numbers.)

otherwise yes, I think 5 per day would be a good number

If you are looking for honest feedback, I would like to leave the following.

I for one was shocked, (and not in a good manner) when I visited your site this morning and was brough to your new homepage.

Although, I can understand you wish to add pizzas and make your site appear different,

Incorporating more steps and buttons for people to click on to actually view gigs, is a hinderence, not a help for potential buyers to see and purchase our gigs.

Also, what about people who may come across your site through searching etc. and do not know about gig sites or think "gigs" refers to music?  The new home page really does't explain what Fourerr is all about, if this was my first view I would leave the site.  (I would definitely keep an eye on your bounce rate of this page).

What I would suggest is put some gigs on this new home page that people can see, perhaps have a new way that people could pay to have their gigs, featured on the home page.

If you are going to keep the home page as is.  Then I would request at least that you fix the buttons for filtering gigs.  For example when you hit the button for "Top Selling Gigs" On the very first page you have a gig that was listed by a seller who has not had a single sale and last logged in over 1 month ago!!

The "Editors Pic" simply leads to a data base error.

The "Recent Gig" button is bringing up gigs listed in 2012 and early 2013!!

The main button up top "View recent gigs, is also listing these same gigs from early 2013 these are certainly not recent gigs.  Also the only gigs coming up are gigs that have videos for this button.  Gigs without videos only begin on page 10!!

I would suggest a separate button "gigs with videos", as what you have done is bury a lot of valuable gigs that neither have nor warrant a video.  What would encourage a seller to take valuable time to create a new gig only to never have it looked at, unless we pay to feature it?  (Maybe this is what you are aiming for?

Anyways, just my 2 cents worth, I would encourage others to leave honest feedback as well.

Hello Sweetkicker,

I totally appreciate your honest feedback and certainly embrace this as only like this we will grow together big. We want to be here for you and we want to come up with the best site ever that attracts a lot of sales for Top Sellers such as yourself. 

We have taken immediately action and changed a few items as you suggested. 

At present the most recent Micro Jobs returns indeed Jobs with a Video as a priority, however I do like your suggestion to come up with a shortcut to find "Jobs with Videos". 

There are a few more items from your feedback that we will have to discuss internally before making any changes. 

You are totally right we will have to watch the bounce rate very carefully, if it turns out like you suspect then we will switch off the homepage in its current design. 

Like yourself, I encourage for more feedback here on our forums.



PS: We have set the limit to 5 new jobs daily.  

i cannot understand the mentality of people who build web sites such as yours and others, i want to post a job , surely that is the purpose of your web sites , i am asked and i must enter a TAG , what is a tag , why have i got to enter a tag ? will the site crash if i do not enter a tag  i have to upload an image or something like that , what sort of image , where do i get one ?, it is just madness , you get further and further away from the purpose of the site , to buy and sell jobs , as it is your site is a waste of my time.

i will return to fiverr , i do not particularly like them but at least i can post a gig there . donar

Thanks Donar for sending in your feedback about posting a job on Fourerr and we apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.  To answer your questions:

1. TAG - is a word (can be set of words) that best describes the job you're posting.  Think of it as words someone will type in Google search to help them find exact match or results.  Adding a tag to your job helps potential buyers locate the job you are selling when they do a search.  No, the site will not crash if you choose not to enter any tags.

2. IMAGE - Images that represent or best describes your job will help you attract potential buyers. You may choose an image that best represents what your job is all about and there are many free online stock photo sites that you can choose from, for example, you may use photos from  for a start.  Just make sure that the image that you will use doesn't infringe on anyone's copyright.  On a plus side, you can earn a micro job completeness badge to show on your profile.  Learn more about Fourerr Rewards HERE

Let us know if you have more questions or how we can help you further.

I am so sick of the thing that comes up everytime you do something, everytime you get points. I don't want to have to click them off all the time.


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