New Ticket System Makes It Easier for You to Get Help

Fourerr is pleased to announce an executive-grade ticket system that makes getting help, and knowing that help is on the way, as easy as clicking a few buttons. Fourerr’s ticketing system is a substantial upgrade over traditional methods of acquiring help and answers online: we are happy to introduce this new way of communicating with the Fourerr team into our community.

We encourage you to explore our Knowledge Base for quick answers to your questions and submit a ticket for an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Simply start a ticket, fill out the relevant info, and hit “Submit.” After you’ve submitted your ticket request to our support team, we’ve made it easy for you to check your ticket’s status online (so you’re never left out in the dark as to what’s going on).

We aim to provide our community members with a transparent service experience: you will have full access to your ticket archives and history so that you can reference them in the future should you need to. As Fourerr continues to push out responsive web design and process changes, we will always have in mind one thing: our loyal community.

 Hello I can  say only this. I have already  opened a few support ticket and all have been solved in a very very very very short time .

thank you Fourerr Team

You are more then welcome. 

Let us know if we can help


Thanks pawijan!  We're more than happy to help ;)

I made a order and it never was done cause I won't a refund

@MrChop215  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I will forward your concern to our customer support team to help you.  Please keep an eye on their updates to your open ticket, thanks.

Yes I have another order that has not been fullfilled can you please check into it for me plz thankyou

Will send a note to our customer support team @MrChop215 -- thanks for the note and do keep an eye on any updates on your ticket.  

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