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how can i use money in my fourerr account to buy things on your site

 as we all know that  sellers on your site have different method to accept money from the buyer, like paypal visa card etc but my money now is in my fourerr  account .how can use it to make payment .this what i want you to explain for me

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i need to pay for a $160 f gig  that equates to  16000 coins i need to earn the gig is that right?  and can i us my bank card to pay directly for it ? 

Hello Scoro,

After selling gigs your money will appear in the "Earned Money" section. This money can be withdrawn into your PayPal account or you can also transfer it to your Fourerr Balance. 

Money that is inside your Fourerr Balance can be used to purchase gigs from or to feature your gigs. 

In order to move your Earned Money into your Fourerr Balance, just sign in, go to your dashboard and select "Withdraw Your Earnings" 

Hopefully this helps


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