Fourerr 1-Click: Making Payment Easier for Buyers

Because we're dedicated to making the Fourerr experience simple and easy, we've come up with a new feature called: Fourerr 1-Click.

If you've missed the announcement, you may read it HERE.

In a nutshell, buying a micro job with Paypal meant that you have to go through the Paypal checkout process, over and over.  

This time, you don't have to. Simply sign in to your Fourerr account, go to Settings, and click on Enable Fourerr 1-Click. Make sure to accept the Paypal confirmation pages.

Pretty simple! The next time you order, you only have to click on the Fourerr 1-Click green button (as seen below): 

Happy Buying!

p.s. a rewarding experience awaits everyone this July.. Stay Tuned!

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