Experience the New Fourerr Rewards

Perhaps, you've been surprised to see those coins on your inbox and you wonder... what are these?  This July 24th, we officially launched the Fourerr Rewards that will earn you levels, badges, and coins as you buy and sell on the site.  It's the first-of-its-kind in the online jobs marketplace niche.  Why?  Simple.  We know what it has been like and this time, we believe that You Truly Deserve More... 

We encourage you to take advantage of this as we work on providing you with more rewards in the future.  Don't forget:  100 coins/points = $1 that you can use to buy services or feature your jobs on the site.

Like it or Hate it?  Do tell us.  We love to hear from you!  How can we make your Fourerr experience better?  To learn more about the new rewards system, you may visit:  http://fourerr.com/rewards

Don't forget to watch out for our ultimate guide to help you succeed.  Share the word with your friends, earn rewards in doing so while helping them collect points as well. 


Thank you guys for this awesome idea, I like it well. & very advantageous for all :)
Keep the great works, I wish to the greatest success to this community.

My best regards,

- Bizopp -


How does one cash in said coins to purchase a job? This is unclear.



You can use your Fourerr Coins to purchase any Micro Job on Fourerr. As a seller the Fourerr Coins can be used to Feature your Jobs as well. 

At present $1 equals to 100 Fourerr Coins.

Hopefully this helps



Question still not answered

It was asked above

how do you use the fourerr coins to purchase a job? There is no instruction. They are worth nothing if they can't actually be used


Once you have collected your Fourerr coins you can simply go to any Micro Job, click buy and if you have enough coins then a new button appears indicating that you can buy with your coins. See the screenshot for the different payment options. 

Does this help?



Seems an excellent way to inspire active community participation. I've just been busy posting jobs and updating my profile, and I've been steadily building up my Fourerr coin stash. Beside, if you're LOOKING to generate site currency, just tool around on the dashboard for a bit, and the system will let you know how many coins you can earn per stated task the system puts out. For example, you may be offered 10 Fourerr coins to post a microjob in a specific category. Or for inviting a friend to the network. Or any other inducement the system auto-generates and alerts you about. Great system which has increased my participation here at Fourerr as soon as I knew about this option.

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