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How to get more referrals on Fourerr

Referrals are important, not only because Fourerr rewards you for them, but the more people in the market place, seller or buyer, the better for everyone. More sellers inspires creative gigs, which in turn attract more buyers. See! Win win win situation. Here are a couple quick tips on how to get more referrals on Fourerr. 1. NEVER spam your referral URL, people hate it, and it will only make Fourerr and Fourerr sellers look bad. 2. DO make a free blog using a site like blogger, and list all of your micro jobs, and maybe a couple of others that you have tried personally and were satisfied with. Also leave your affiliate link and write an article about your success on 3. Some of us affiliate marketers know that sometimes it is necessary to shorten a URL that is an affiliate link. Many people are hesitant to click these. Use a URL shortener like to make a custom URL for your affiliate link. (ex. 4. Harness Social networking! After you shorten your URL, make a post on Facebook and Twitter about a great way to make or save money! That's all I have for now, but I hope I showed you something new and useful! Thanks -gamedevkev

i added a referral link to my blog and google+ but by the time people click on the link it will take them to my account logged in, why is it like that sir?


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I own websites plus run several social media pages.

Your gig service can be on the landing page after a sale on your site or in a list of suggested services connected with your page topic.

There are many online promotion methods out there, some new.

Look for what works for you and fits your budget.

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