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How to Sell our gig

I have many gigs created and I have good knowledge in my domain.

But still I did not get a single order.

Please help me that how can make my gig attractive and sell it.


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I am sorry to hear that you still have not received an order. You can check this link for buyers who are looking for services:

We also offer highlighting or featuring gig for additional cost which will make your job more visible to buyers since it will appear on the first page with a banner showing that your gig is highlighted or featured.

Please take time to read our blog to get tips and advice on how you can improve as a seller on Fourerr:


- Entrepreneurs: Watch Your Way to Success
- Selling Success: How to Maximize Your Online Sales Potential
- Start up Secret Weapon: The Micro Job
- Tips for Online Workers: Bring Your Career to the Next Level
- How to make money on the Internet?

The following topics will help you gain more orders and get ideas on how to make your gigs appealing to the buyers. Please make sure that the quality of your gig is good so it will attract the eyes of the buyers. Also, you can promote your jobs on different social networking. Let me know if you need more help.

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