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My Motivation

I LOOOOOOOOOVVE what I do, and am almost overjoyed everyday when the alarm goes off (if I don't manage to be out of bed ahead of it), and I get to do it all over again. It's the most mind-bending career that one could ever learn to love. It took a good chunk of time and devotion to getting to grips with root programming concepts as applicable over many different languages and then managing the interoperability of those languages in their commingling on a daily basis.

Having to work with HTML5/CSS3, PHP/PDO/MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, and a number of other specialized language constructs weren't things that I wanted to deal with, but, I was shown, time and again, the simple fact that most coders usually weren't as smart as they thought they were. Nowhere was this more true than in the "Internet Marketing" online niche.

The most feckless slap-dashery that ever had the nerve to masquerade as scripts and software can usually be found promoted as magic cash generators that provide profit windfalls as soon as they're used. This is usually the point where there IS the problem. No wonder there are a bunch of scam-tastic dumb-asses fleecing the crap out of an even bigger, Bozo-set of clueless paying dumb-asses.

Because no one in the Bozo-set has any idea about how even the most simplistic of HTML/CSS operations occurred, these helpless sheep kept putting their faith in sale language that epitomized the offered script/software product as the be-all, end-all of marketing tools, which would allow said clueless (lazy) dumb-asses to make tens of thousands of dollars with absolutely NO WORK REQUIRED...(lol!).

I remember the pivotal instant where I knew I was going to have to learn this stuff FOR REAL; I had just been trying to get to grips with why my script publishing interface wasn't doing what it was advertised to and that I'd bought it for, when, I spied an added character which prevented the application from functioning.

The removal of a semi-colon in the wrong place was enough to jump-start the application into functionality. I was so mad, I wanted to cry and then smash the crap outta somethin'. I've been picking up programming slack ever since...

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