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Show & Prove With Lee Davis

Hi, my name is Lee Davis, and it's taken me a bit to be able to get here and set up shop. I'm both pleased and intrigued that I'm the first one posting here. You'd think in a forum dedicated to microjob freelancers with great traffic would have the membership all over it. But I'm guessing that everyone's more than busy (lol!).

Seems to be the case in all the other microjob site community forums I've been in. No membership participation, no exploitation of the posting interface available in terms of dynamically influencing text properties or investing in making the published content stand out from all the other submissions - ARE YOU KIDDING ME OR WHAT?!?!?

All this says to me is that either I'm extremely motivated, or (what I prefer to think), the membership is not realizing the inherent power of the community participation aspect. For me, this is a chance to drop the skill-set publicly and show people what I'm working with. I'm thinkin' that everyone else would think the same thing.

But I see I'm wrong as I navigate from forum to forum, leaving my (highly-customized) traces to point to reasons why my gigs should be patronized by those in need of the products/services I'm providing. Funnily enough, I notice that any community-based forum-posting I do for each microjob site account I own generates more traffic stat views of those posted gigs.

I've made it easy on myself by starting with existing products/services like;

which is a GENIUS service offering as it's a page that's only offered to and accessed by the site membership as well as myself. And it's just the kind of bribe I'm using to help leverage signups to the parent site. But I digress.

For the record I'll state that I'm hungrier than a boatload of Darfurian wilderness refugees as far as my chosen career path - and it's not about the money part of it. I want to COMPLETELY justify to myself that this is going to only take me the rest of my life (lol!).

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