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4 gigs featured! Still no sales?

I have 4 of my gigs featured! Still making no sales? Is it just me or is Fourerr dead?

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I'm having more luck on Fiverr than here.

I do have sales but I can't withdraw my money and fourerr support team didn't answer to my request. Do you have any idea on what should I do? 

You have to promote your gig.

You might get lucky and get a few customers as I did recently through regular traffic. I see other gig promotions on Google Adwords all the time when I surf the web.

I have my gig link on my website and other places that accept banner and textual ads. It's also a part of other pages that help visitors with online marketing.

You have to drive hits to your gig or not much is going to happen.

Try creating a blog about your service. Include examples of your work. If it's photography there are photo slideshows you can put on your page to display your portfolio..

Suggestions to increase hits to your gig:

1. Create a website or blog about your service. Visit daily. Post articles relating to your service. Give out tips.

2. Create a social media page about your gig service.

3. Put social media buttons on your page.

4. Banner and text ads.

5. Facebook ads.

6. Google Adwords.

7. Study internet marketing (essential!)

8. Brand your service. Get a name and logo.

Drive traffic to your gig. I know how. Visit my gigs to see how many hits they have received.

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